Friday, January 25, 2008

Utopias Killer?

Not Quite.

Beer megacorp Carlsberg just announced a 10.5% abv barley wine. The beer is priced at nearly $400 USD per ~12.9 ounce bottle, dethroning Sam Adams Utopias as the most expensive beer in production. It is designed to compete with premium wine and champagne. The brewmaster claims given the amount of barley and time taken to make the beer, it is "cheap".

A couple points here:
  • At 10.5% it is not even half as potent as Utopias
  • The claims of the beer being "cheap", are laughable. The ingredients in Utopias cost at LEAST 2.5 times as much as the ingredients in this beer (since it uses nearly that much more fermentable sugars, many of them coming from maple syrup which is very expensive to brew with) and it will only set you back a "paltry" $150.
  • This is an attempt to make beer more sophisticated, but it just comes off as cheap and silly to me. A product aimed squarely at people that want to say "I purchased a FABULOUS bottle of beer last night for $400, it's quite rare"

Source: Bloomberg

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