Saturday, January 5, 2008


The Beer: Penndemonium
The Brewery:Pennsylvania Brewing Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The Style: Maibock
ABV: 8%
Brewer's Description: Something has gone terribly wrong (or terribly right depending on your view) in the Brewhouse. One of the brewers must have added too much malt to the mash and made a very strong beer. Stronger than your used to from the brewery that makes authentic German styles. This super strong beer has put the whole place in a state of pandemonium.

- The beer is golden colored but very heavy with alcohol of about 8% by volume. It’s dangerously easy to drink, so as the bottle label states: “You’ve been warned."

Color: Brilliant gold, very small head
Aroma: dough, bread, light caramel
Taste/Mouthfeel: Ample carbonation, medium mouthfeel, sweet malt, toasted bread, very clean. Not many fruity esters present here, the emphasis is all on the malt.
Finish: Slightly sweet with a very subtle alcoholic warmth. This does not taste like an 8% abv beer.
Notes: Purchased in Tampa, FL. This beer was incredibly malty for a brew so light in color. The Maibock style can be thought of as a pale colored traditional bock, or a strong Munich Helles beer. This example is atypical in that it is brewed to doppelbock strength. Although hop presence was almost non-existent the beer still managed to not come off too sweet. A great beer to pair with some brats doused in stingy horseradish mustard.

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