Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hops and Malt sans Alcohol?

I was mindlessly wandering the internet today, researching hops, when I stumbled upon this entry in Wikipedia: Julmust

It is an unfermented malt drink consumed in Sweden around Christmas time. It contains everything beer does with the subtraction of yeast and the addition of citric acid, color, spices, and preservatives. What would something like this taste like? If it's anything like unfermented beer, I'd have to pass. It's far to sweet to be a quaffable beverage.

The entry states that you can sometimes purchase the beverage at IKEA stores in the United States. The closest location from my apartment is down in Dallas. Fortunately my roomate has a borderline unhealthy fetish with the store and makes frequent trips. With a little luck I may be able to procure a bottle or two (and subsequently review it on this site).

Another curious aspect of Julmust: it can be "aged". A part of me wonders what would happen if you dropped some yeast into one of these bottles and attempted to ferment it. I'm going to go ahead and hypothesize that those "preservatives" would probably prohibit you from doing such a thing.


The Roommate said...

Unhealthy obsession?

Unfortunately for you I've made all the rug and lamp purchases I need for a while - and after today I've reached my yearly quota for trips to dallas. Maybe in January or something.

Annalou said...

IKEA just opened in Portland... right by the airport, Ive been meqning to make a trip.

Angela said...

I have one in Phoenix, but you know my aversion to the postal services. I do still have a box though...maybe you'll get lucky for Christmas.